Georgia Speleological Survey Membership & Sales


One purpose of the GSS is to provide information on Georgia caves. If you have any questions on any items, please contact the GSS Treasurer below. Any profits from its products go towards GSS projects and grants.

For membership and sales, please send your request and checks payable to the GSS to:

GSS Treasurer

Brent Aulenbach

195 Windy Court SW

Lilburn, GA 30047-6442

  1. (770)279-7674

Please include your name and address. For membership, please include your NSS number (if you are a member of the National Speleological Society - required to receive GSS Data Listing), and your home phone number and email address (if you have one) to allow us to contact you about upcoming meetings and ridgewalks. All prices includes postage unless indicated otherwise. Sorry, we can not accept PayPal or credit cards, but we can accept personal checks, bank checks, and money orders.

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2018/19 GSS Regular Membership - $15 (Expires May 2019)


  1. 2018 Bulletin

  2. Membership card

  3. GSS Cave Listing on CD ROM (National Speleological Society members only! Include an extra $3 if you also want a printed copy to cover copying and postage.

  4. GSS Data Listing Key

2018/19 GSS Family Member Membership - $5 (Expires May 2019)

For a family member of a regular member. Does not include publications. Member has voting rights (as per NSS bylaws) and receives a membership card.

2017 Mapbook on USB Flash Drive - $10 ($6 for an update if you have previously purchased a mapbook on CD ROM)

(Updated in October 2017 (updated every 2 years) and includes:

  1. Over 500 maps of Georgia caves scanned at 400 dpi in portable document format

  2. Over 100 photos of cave entrances & caves in jpeg format

  3. 21 maps, figures & entrance photos added since publication of 2015 Mapbook

The Bulletin of the Georgia Speleological Survey - Previous Issues

The Bulletin of the GSS is the annual publication of the GSS. The Bulletin currently comes out in time for the annual meeting held in the spring and covers activities in Georgia caves over the previous year. Includes trip reports, new maps, history, scientific projects, minutes of the annual meeting, roster of GSS members. The Bulletin was published from 1970 to 1974 and then from 1983 to the present.

2009 - 2017 Bulletins - $8 each

2001 - 2004, 2006 - 2008 Bulletins - $5 each

1991, 1994, & 1999 Bulletins - $3 each

Table of Contents of Bulletins.

Bartow County Caves: History Underground in North Georgia - $20 ($16 for GSS Members)

by Joel M. Sneed; Softbound; 176 pages. More info.

The Late Pleistocene Record of Kingston Saltepeter Cave, Bartow County, Georgia - $20 ($16 for GSS Members)

Edited by Joel M. Sneed and Larry O. Blair; Softbound; 70 pages.

An Introduction to Caves and Cave Exploring in Georgia - $3

Written by Barry F. Beck; Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Georgia Geological Survey, 1980, Geologic Guide 5; Softbound; 43 pages.

The Frick’s Cave Complex Map - $5 (Specify folded or rolled)

Published September 2009. 26” by 36”. 2 color. Cartography by Brent T. Aulenbach. © Georgia Speleological Survey.

Geologic Guide to Cloudland Canyon State Park - $3

Written by Martha M. Griffin and Robert L Atkins; Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Georgia Geological Survey, 1983, Geologic Guide 7; Softbound; 35 pages.